Central Oregon AA Intergroup

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Central Oregon Intergroup, Inc

Meeting Minutes

August 28, 2011


Chairperson Jerry R. called to order the regular meeting of the Central Oregon Intergroup at TEC at 5:31pm.

Attendance sheet was passed. Verified eligible voters and a quorum established. Introductions were made.

Voting Members Present: (IGR’S)

(Jonny L – STS) (Darla B – WTGTAL) (Mikey L – SOS) (Cory S – As Men See It)

(Erik J – Safe Harbor) (Charlie C – New Horizon’s) (Alan A – WFS) (Dave W – Tue Night AA)

(Liz T – Attitude Adjustment) (Bill B – Attitude Adj.) (Mark S – Madras Oasis)

(Daniel B – Make My Day) (Debbie R – Primary Purpose) (Erik W – Men’s Book Study)

(Jim B – ABC) (Lisa P – Sisters in Sobriety) (Renee D – 24 & Alive)(Steve G – WFS)


(Stan E – Adv. Board) (Pam M – Al-Anon) (Heidi S – Entertainment) (Alan A – Potluck)

(Kathi C – DCM) (Jerry R – Chair) (Shannon R – Visitor) (Pattie O – Secretary)

(Aaron D – Alt. IGR; 24 & Alive) (Mark M – Alt. IGR; Att. Adj.)

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End of the Summer Picnic

Title: End of the Summer Picnic
Date: 2011-09-17


September Conscious Contact

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August Conscious Contact

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Suttle Lake Campout

Title: Suttle Lake Campout
Start Date: 2011-08-18
End Date: 2011-08-21