February 24, 2013


Chairperson Vickie M. called to order the regular meeting of the Central Oregon Intergroup at TEC at 5:30pm.

Attendance sheet was passed.  Verified eligible voters and a quorum established.  Introductions were made. Vickie reminded individuals about voting eligibility.  Only IGR’s are eligible to vote.

Voting Members Present: (IGR’S)

(Dave W – Tue Night AA)(Thomas C-Redmond 24&alive)(R.L.-ABC)(Fred B-Attitude Adj)(Peggy R-MMD)(Shari A-Chicks w/Chips)(Bev-Sisters in Sobriety)(Alan A- WFS)(Kasey Z-Rule 62)(Pete M-Thurs. Night Mens Book Study)(Sandie C-Sober Sisters)(Scott H-Madras)(Patsy S-Prineville Open Hands)


(Eric M-WFS)(Mike S- District Liaison)(Kim T-Entertainment Com./Thur. Womens)(Heidi S- Entertainment Com.)(Vickie M- Chair)(Mark C-Webmaster)(Patty P-Al-Anon)

A. Approval of Minutes

Minutes were read and approved.

B. Treasurer’s Report

Linda was not present but the profit and loss statements were read and approved.  Total income was $3240.83 and the total expense was 3336.54. 

C. Committee Reports:


Joan was not able to make it but Office Statements were passed along with new 12 step lists for IGR’s to take back to their meetings for an updated hotline list.


Patty reported that the Spaghetti feed was a huge success and that it had never been held in Redmond before.  She is encouraging Al-Anon groups to create lists of speakers for the monthly Potlucks

District 5 Liaison:

Mike S. mentioned that there is a tabled discussion to remake the Big Book video for the hearing impaired.  The tabled motion is to update the video to the more widely know ASL(American Sign Language).  He also mentioned that Burns, Oregon is on our meeting schedules but that they are in district 32.  There was no motion made on the topic, our fellow AA’s in Burns enjoy making Meetings in Bend when possible.  District has it’s Prudent Reserve


Entertainment is no longer part of Intergroup and is going to be separated from the Tax I.D. Entertainment is still encouraged to announce upcoming events at meetings.

Kim passed flyers for the upcoming St. Patti’s Day Corned Beef & Cabbage Feed on March 23.  For more info call Kim T. at 541.480.1505 Or Heidi at 541.306.0987.  There are plenty of opportunities for service.

There was also a flyer passed for all of the upcoming 2013 events


The Newsletter Position is still open.  If you are interested please attend the next IGR meeting to be held at TEC Sunday March 24 at 5:30pm


Dave announced that the Potluck was a great success hosted by Chicks with Chips.  Speakers were Sandy B-AA and Patty P- Al-Anon


Pete M mentioned that he will be out of town next month and any adjustments please be submitted by the 12th.


Mark would like to post contact info for the District Liaison and Al-Anon contact.  Mike S(District) and Patty P(Al-Anon) were both okay with having their contact info on the website.

D. Old Business:

Newsletter Chair is still open

E. New Business:

It was proposed that compensation is made for travel to the Potluck Chair when traveling to areas outside of Bend.  Motion made and passed to compensate .37cents per mile for travel to Potluck Chair

Motion made and passed to write your name as you wish to see it regarding anonymity because there is a chance will be posted on the website.  Only your name as you write it on the attendance sheet is posted.


Meeting adjourned at 6:21pm.  The next meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. Sunday, March 24 at TEC.

Yours in Service, David W

Intergroup Secretary